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Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans Slams Nathan Griffith In Twitter Fight: Says Ex Is On "Steroids!" buy twitter Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has started a new life with current boyfriend David Eason, but she is still taking time blasting her ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith. buy twitter followers reviews Even though the former reality couple shares a son, Kaiser, and are in the middle of a custody battle, they are still going back and forth with the low blows. This time, the MTV star accused her baby daddy of allegedly being on steroids!In a nasty exchange on Twitter, the military dad threw the first punch by posting a dig about who he regrets dating."Note to self* 'don't date anyone if your previous girlfriend is still pregnant with your child!'" Nathan wrote.Well... Jenelle wasn't going to take this lying down and catapulted her own verbal assault to her ex by tweeting, "Note to self: don't date anyone on steroids." Ouch! Just earlier, the North Carolina mom retweeted a message from a fan about Nathan's verbal abuse towards her."Wow just watch teen mom2.. The way Nathan speaks to you is awful. Guys trying to mess with your head and break you," Twitter fan Gemma Douglas posted. This is just the latest in a string of hurtful statements the controversial pair have been hurling at each other. As MStars News reported, the reality dad left his baby mama an awful voicemail after reports surfaced that she was seeing a new guy after their breakup."Since you won't talk to me and you're wrong, I'm gonna leave you a voice message," Nathan began saying in an audio recording obtained by Radar Online."You won't talk to me because you have to talk over people when you're wrong," he attacked. "You have to start yelling... You were already talking to him when you were supposed to be on this path of being single and working towards .

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Slams Snooki on Twitter Using Dubious Quote

Aren't fellow MTV reality stars (and moms) supposed to get along?It looks like Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans isn't the biggest fan of Jersey Shore's Snooki—at least, buy twitter followers fast that's the vibe people got on Twitter today."omg, no offense... but yu call ME a bad mother... but look what snooki said about her baby... thats straight F--KED UP," Evans tweeted.Jersey Shore gets an air date and Snooki's spin-off gets renewed!Jenelle linked her tweet to a Reddit photo of Snooki saying, "There is no way I'm changing any diapers when my baby is born. That is disgusting. That's what maids are for and babysitters. I don't have time for that. I'll have them do that stuff. I'll be there for the good parts, like dressing my son up and making sure he got style. You don't have to cook or clean or change diapers to be a good mother. My son will have everything he wants. He's going to be a little star like his mommy."Doesn't sound like Snooki? That's because she never said it. A source tells E! News, "It's not true—it's an awful rumor."Meanwhile, Evans tweeted again and said, "hahahahaha what did snooki say back to me? she blocked me from twitter... figures. cant take criticism like i can."But Snooks did offer a tweet in response to the photo, by saying, "FYI, I can't wait to change my kids sh---y diapers & I don't even believe in maids. Just sayin"Which reality TV mom comes off better in this Twit-fit? Sound off in the comments!Evans and Eason began dating just days ago, and on Thursday, they made their relationship official on Facebook. Prior to Evans' relationship with Eason, she had been spotted in her underwear with Griffith, which led many to believe they would get back together.

Jenelle Evans On Nathan’s Twitter Activity: ‘He’s Seeking Attention’

Jenelle Evans has focused on her children over the past couple of months. Jenelle broke up with Nathan Griffith a while ago, and the two have tried to figure out custody issues. buy twitter followers $5 While Jenelle is primary taking care of Kaiser, Nathan wants time with his son as well. But Nathan has often said that his gym time is more important than anything else, including taking care of his son. He often pawned Kaiser off on Jenelle so he could go to the gym.According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that Nathan is using Twitter to get attention. Even though Nathan has deleted the tweets he is being accused of writing, Jenelle wouldn’t put it past him. She is now revealing that he could be using Twitter for the sake of attention - and using Kaiser to get it.Nathan tweeted you about seeing his child? How stupid is that,” one follower wrote to Jenelle, who replied with, “we have already discussed this through his mom, he knows this. I guess he's seeking attention.. Idk.” It sounds like Evans is tired of Nathan’s old tricks and games. As Evans points out, she had previously made arrangements with his mother about how and where Kaiser would be throughout the week. Maybe Nathan is just trying to make Jenelle look bad. If he didn’t want to make her look bad, why wouldn’t he just text her to settle their issues? Maybe he is jealous that Evans has moved on with a new man named David Eason, and he ruined all chances of getting back together with her.As for Nathan, he wants the world to know that his children mean everything to him.What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ tweets? Do you think Nathan is desperate to see his son, or do you think he is using Twitter to get back at Jenelle and make her look horrible?