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Leaving Social Media Out of Your PR Measurement Program Is a Really Bad Idea

This free article originally appeared in the early May edition of The Measurement Advisor. Twenty years ago my company was asked to start measuring “this new Internet thing” by two prescient clients at Epson, Kathleen Buczko and Denise Offutt. They wanted to know what their customers and prospects were saying about Epson printers. So in the late 90s we started scraping Internet user forums. It was an eye-opening adventure. Contrary to popular buy arabic twitter followers opinion at the time, news wasn’t traveling from consumer generated media to the the front page of The New York Times or Computerworld. In fact it was the reverse. About two weeks after a product announcement, customers, and prospects would begin to debate the merits of products. When we added in some sales and marketing data, we found that those online reviews actually had greater influence on product sales than traditional media reviews. Right about then social media became a critical ingredient in every media analysis.

Using Social Media

Retweet, Share and Promote EVERYTHING that Looks Interesting

Don’t worry about checking out links or recommendations posted and tweeted by others. Just retweet them, repost and endorse them. As soon as people realise you don’t vet the links or moronically tweet without consideration they’ll soon give up on you. Better still, retweet some spam just once and it should do the trick and crucify your social media reputation. Secrecy is social media failure’s best friend! Recommend the products you’re pimping onhow to buy followers on twitter your business blog for customers, without actually mentioning you’ve been paid to do this and you can kiss goodbye to your social media reputation so you never have to worry about it again!

Automate Your Online Social Media Activity

Get ahold of some of those great tools that let you automatically update a thousand social media sites at once and ensure you never have to actually visit them and spend time hanging out. Forget that on social media people expect you to actually be around to respond to a tweet or Facebook status update. Just automate buy twitter followers for $5 and schedule the whole thing and let your words take care of things for you. You’ll ruin your social media reputation very quickly if people get the idea you’re not actually bothered to participate.