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Share social media stats so team members can see their impact

When team members can see that an article they found or a comment they wrote increased site traffic or sales, they will feel pride in their contributions and will be more likely to continue to share. Using Buffer allows us to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, and Buffer converts all links to format so that it’s easy to analyze their performance. (Want awesome social analytics like David? Check out Buffer now!) We use the data to understand which types of posts buy 500 twitter followers resonate with our audience on each social media platform. We also increase performance of posts by looking at what time of day and which days of the week have a greater impact.

Improving your social media

Make sure you’re using company keywords on your social profile

This is one of those steps that often gets overlooked, but for brand consistency and SEO purposes, your messaging should utilize company keywords. For us at Alexander’s we perform keyword research every so often and set 25 to 30 keywords that we strategically use in all of the content we send out.Whether you are a business, brand or an individual, your social profiles should reflect who you how to buy twitter followers are. If your brand is fun and hip, don’t post sterile ‘businessey’ content. Your social profiles and pages should make people feel like there is a person behind the posts, and not an automated computer system (even if you are utilizing automated posting).

Set your conversion goals.

Different organizations have different goals for what they consider a “conversionâ€┬Ł on social media. However, whatever you choose, it needs to be a measurable action that ultimately has monetary action. Your measurable goal could be something as cut and dry as a monetary purchase, it could be subscribing to your email newsletter, using an online quote feature, hitting your landing page, buy 200 twitter followers or even just engaging with you on social media (since that engagement could lead a potential customer to purchase from you or a current customer to patron your business again).